Acrylic Hartford Block Monogram Earrings

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        Acrylic Hartford Block Monogram Earrings

Our precious Hartford block monogram post earrings are available in a variety of acrylic colors, two sizes, and two hand rubbed finishes.

Please note, there is no rub for our mirrored acrylics.  The monogram will be clear.

Measures: 1/2" small and 3/4" medium

Monogram: Traditional monogrammed initials are ordered First Name initial, Last Name initial, and Middle or Maiden Name initial. However, this is a truly custom item so you may choose any 2-3 letters or order of letters that you wish.

Please enter the letters in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS in the order that you wish for them to appear from left to right. Please be advised that monograms will be made in the exact letter order in which the initials are entered and will not be rearranged.

Important Information Regarding Turnaround Time:
The estimated shipping date for all custom acrylic items is 2-3 weeks from the date the order was placed.